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Organize | Preserve



Organize | Preserve


We do not remember days; we remember moments.
— Cesare Pavese

Imagine your digital clutter transformed into an organized, searchable, and shareable family archive. Your analog collection freed from old albums, boxes, and drawers, sorted and organized by theme, event, child, decade, or chronologically. And of course digitized. At Picturli, our tried-and-true methodologies ensure your life stories remain safe for generations to come.

That’s peace of mind. And here’s how.


photo organization & preservation services



Your digital collection will be gathered from all your devices (hard drives, computer, SD cards) and the cloud, then organized by removing the duplicates and compiling it all in one cohesive digital library. Your collection will include all the milestones in your life, dates, places, events, and any other information important to you. Your organized library will be sortable, searchable and shareable, in any program of your choice, and backed up safely.

We can create one cohesive library with your spouse’s and kid’s collection for one family library archive. Conversely, we can create separate digital archives in case of family separation.



With our Platinum Scanning process, your analog collection (photographs, film, negatives, slides, letters, and any tangible memory) will be scanned and safely stored. In addition, we will add all the important milestones to your newly scanned collection, allowing you to enjoy one cohesive library of all of your precious memories.

Your collection is preserved forever, safe from natural disasters, and easily shareable for generations. We provide archival storage for your analog collection, which requires a lot less space. If you’re downsizing, this is a great place to start.

If you have a family collection, this is a wonderful way of sharing the archive with everyone, multi-generationally.

RESTORE | retouch

After years of passing from hand to hand, or of being stuck in old albums, many photos, letters, and tangible memorabilia experience damage. After your archive is digitized, we will restore any damaged or aged item back to its original glory, before it’s lost, or further faded.


Children’s Art

Do you have a little artist in your house, but don’t have the space for all the art they’ve created? Or perhaps you want to make sure to preserve your child’s art for your family members to enjoy. We will digitize your child’s creations, so that you can store them away, knowing that you and your child will forever have digital access to them.

BACK UP | Preserve

Digital archives are at high risk of getting lost, damaged or corrupted. The most important part of handling your precious memories is ensuring your collection is safely backed up and privately accessible. We offer local backup solutions, as well as cloud solutions, specific to your needs and comfort level with technology.